Consultancy in specialized areas

Our senior supply chain and logistics consultants also provide specialist logistics consulting services. Our expert knowledge of the industry and extensive corporate experience, working with both providers and users of logistics services, allows us to offer additional and specialist support as given below for our clients.

Market Research- we can provide both qualitative and quantitative research support in a range of logistics and supply chain areas.

Benchmarking - this allows you to assess how well your company is performing in a specific area, if there are any areas of poor performance we can help you identify the cause and prepare a necessary recovery plan.

Training - we provide training courses for Warehouse Operations, Transport Operations, Data Analysis and Sales Proposal Writing as well as bespoke training courses specific to your business needs.

Complete Logistics & Supply Chain Operations Offloading – We can provide you with off-site / on-site offloading support for end to end supply chain and logistics related operations. We through our trained and experienced staff and associated service partners will run your daily operations in efficient and cost effective manner meeting the business KPI’s best suited to you and as agreed upon which shall give you freedom to operate in areas of your core competencies thereby relaxing you of the nuisances of non-core areas. The areas included are as given below –

Logistics Cell Offloading – Shall be responsible for running the logistics operations for your end to end supply chain on 24X7X365 basis.

Warehouse Management – We can manage your stores and warehouses through trained professionals meeting the world class process parameters thereby resulting in efficient operations at optimised costs.

Indirect materials buying and supplies – We can procure all the indirect materials required to run your operations on your behalf and can pass on the benefit of consolidated buying (achieved through bulk buying for all our clients) thereby reducing your cost of procurement and management cost.

Packaging material buying and managing the packaging operations for your finished goods – Similar to the indirect material bulk buying concept we can not only offer the packaging materials at optimised costs to your operations but can also manage the complete packaging activities as well.