Logistics & Outsourcing Consultancy

Most companies with a logistical requirement struggle to have, ‘The right product in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost’, a simple concept, extremely difficult to consistently achieve. It requires combining multiple supply chain disciplines and activities; the main ones being manufacturing or supply, warehousing, transport and systems. In some cases the operating solution is self evident in others the challenge is more complex. Our expertise and experience working for both users and providers of logistics makes us well equipped in finding the right logistics solution for your company.

Developing & Executing a Logistics Strategy - Whatever the questions the approach remains the same: to understand the strategic direction of the business prior to determining the overall logistics strategy. If both the strategic direction and the logistics strategy are already well defined the challenge is one of execution. For other companies it is first necessary to determine the logistics plan that will support the overall business strategy. This could involve SUPPLY CHAIN MODELLING, COMPETITOR ANALYSIS & MARKET RESEARCH.

Specialist Logistics Consultants- Once the overall logistics strategy has been defined execution is about establishing priorities in order to achieve the greatest impact on cost and service, for the least amount of investment, and working through the challenges in an orderly and controlled way. Change must not come at the expense of destabilising the business. A particular feature of Davies & Robson is extensive experience both in assisting companies undertaking technical change in-house and OUTSOURCING all or part of the operation to logistics service providers. Whichever route is followed we bring the same structured approach and analytical vigour ensuring all decisions are soundly based and financially and operationally robust.

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Transport Design & Modelling

Improving and optimising your transport operation is a key part of enhancing the overall efficiency of your business. Our transport consultants can provide significant benefits both in terms of cost reduction and service improvement, and also provide a competitive edge.

Transport Modelling Approach

Modelling and analysis of alternative transport options can determine the optimum solution for your current activity and identify how and where costs can be reduced, and service levels improved by, reconfiguring the operation. Our consultants will identify solutions to some common questions:

* Can your fleet be better utilised?
* Have your customer order profiles and delivery requirements changed since the original transport operation was designed?
* Has a recent business acquisition provided opportunities for consolidation?
* Is a dedicated transport operation optimal? Or would it be more economical to use subcontractors, parcel or pallet carriers?
* Is your vehicle fleet size, type, and geographic spread still optimal? * Are your distribution centres in the right place? How would closing or opening centres or using cross-docks, impact your operation?

After initially reviewing and mapping your current transport processes and establishing a representative dataset for modelling, a list of potential alternative transport models will be discussed and agreed with you. Options can include:

* Alternative numbers and/or locations of depots – we can identify the optimum
* Different vehicle types and shift patterns
* Shorter/longer delivery lead times and service levels
* Selective use of carriers according to order value, delivery region or order size

Each option is then scheduled using industry leading transport modelling software to determine resource requirements followed by the input of your own, or industry benchmark; unit costs, productivity standards and the latest legislation to assess the relative impact on operating costs, service level and risk. Finally a full report covering the results of the modelling is prepared, with a personal presentation to review the findings and next steps.

WHY US - This is a core speciality of our transport consulting team at Synergeze and an area in which we back ourselves with over 2 decades of experiences with our consultants handling & leading the subject

Logistics Outsourcing & Tender Management

The successful outsourcing and procurement of logistics support can reduce your organisation’s costs and provide you with real competitive edge. Appointing suppliers that provide the right services, under the right commercial arrangement, is a difficult task. The range of potential suppliers has increased considerably together with the complexity of the services available. Selecting the right supplier and putting in place the necessary safeguards that manage the relationship is complex but can prove to be very rewarding.

Logistics Outsourcing Experience –

Our logistics consultants have extensive experience in outsourcing both simple and complex logistics requirements to third parties across an extensive range of industries and types of operations. Our consultants have been managing the logistics spend of approx. 16 m$ per annum.

Consultancy Support Provided – Outsourcing consulting always commences by obtaining a clear understanding of the operational and service requirements and the organisations commercial objectives. Areas we can provide support:

* Advising how to structure the operation for outsourcing
* Advising on the most appropriate pricing structure
* Preparing appropriate data sets
* Preparing a detailed specification
* Advising on suitable third party contractors both nationally and internationally
* Preparing invitation to tender documents
* Recommended KPI’s and reporting procedures
* Managing the tender process
* Evaluating contractors submissions
* Preparing contractual agreements
* Assisting with contract negotiations
* Managing the implementation

BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING WITH US- Our outsourcing knowledge gained from practical and consultancy experience allows us to fully understand requirements desired in a third party logistics service provider. This wealth of experience enables us to support you at each stage of the outsourcing process. Particular consideration is given to ensuring that performance monitoring is a key component within the reporting process, the pricing system encourages high standards of productivity, and includes an appropriate level of flexibility in the light of changing demands.

Transport Operations Improvement

Inefficient transport operations can significantly reduce your company’s profit. Transport is a high cost activity that represents a direct cost to your goods or service it is being used for. Left unmanaged, transport costs can quickly increase either through poor utilisation of men and equipment or poor control of operational costs. Typically, every additional rupee spent on transport is a rupee less to the bottom line.

Optimising Transport Networks & Operations –

As with all areas of business transport costs have to be identified, and actively managed, if they are to be kept to the minimum. We have developed a series of initiatives that address all the key aspects of driver operations. These include:

Route Planning - A review of the planning, reporting and control system used for maximising the utilisation of resources, which optimises the use of dedicated vehicles versus different service providers. A key requirement is to achieve vehicle back loading where possible to avoid sending vehicles on uneconomic journeys.

Fuel & Traffic Management - Fuel represents up to a third of transport costs. Monitoring fuel usage and driving technique, and providing daily feedback to the driver, can achieve fuel savings of up to 5%. For busy traffic offices investing in a traffic management system can be extremely useful in route planning, driver scheduling and the management of subcontractors.

Vehicle Cost Control - Expenditure on maintenance and servicing should be carefully monitored and controlled in order to ensure all invoices are valid, driver misuse is identified early, and vehicle warranty claims are correctly recovered.

Vehicle Resourcing - Selecting the right vehicle for the job is only half the task. Also of importance is the need to determine the best way to fund the vehicle; outright purchase, leasing, contract hire or supported by a maintenance contract.

Sub-Contractor Management - Where subcontractors are regularly used it may be worth considering a formal system of ‘approved’ and ‘preferred’ contractors to drive down rates and ensure agreed terms and conditions of carriage are in place.

Performance Monitoring - Effective performance monitoring will help identify the productivity of the drivers and whether the vehicles are suitable for the job in hand. Too large and the business is wasting spare capacity. Too small and unnecessary journeys are incurred.

WHY US- Transport will always be a cost to your business but by careful management it should be possible to keep charges to the absolute minimum. Our solutions are bespoke to the requirement of your transport and distribution operations, allowing you and your customers to realise the benefits.