Supply Chain Management Consultancy

We are a Supply Chain Consultancy firm, offering expert end-to-end supply chain management consulting services. Our highly experienced supply chain specialists have all held corporate management roles, with some of the leading organisations of the country. Their comprehensive knowledge of the industry allows them to implement effective processes to reduce inventory and operating costs while improving response times and quality of products.

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Optimum Supply Chain Solution: - Supply chain configuration is not straightforward and constantly changing, compounded by companies with multiple products and markets. Factors determining the optimum supply chain strategy include the following:- Manufacturing cost by location for particular batch sizes
* Transportation cost
* Manufacturing lead time
* Delivery lead time
* Stock-holding requirement
* Optimum location of stocks of finished products
* Stock-holding and order fulfillment costs

With advanced modelling and planning skills our supply chain consultants are able to assist companies evaluate and design optimum supply chain solutions. Our knowledge of global supply chain service providers enables us to address issues of cost and service levels.

Areas of Supply Chain Consultancy Support Includes: -  * Implication of different manufacturing strategies on cost and service levels
* Required stocking levels to achieve specific levels of product availability
* Optimum infrastructure to meet specific service requirements regarding stock-holding and cross docking locations
* Trade off between reduced manufacturing costs and increased stock-holding for increased manufacturing batch sizes
* Trade off between reduced stock-holding and order lead times for air freight versus increased stock-holding and order lead times for sea freight
Trade off between lower warehousing and order fulfillment costs for low cost area versus increased transportation costs.

With the choice of manufacturing and stock-holding locations continually increasing, and ever-growing customer demand and changing rules the challenge to design the optimum supply chain configuration has never been greater. Our supply chain consultants can assist in unraveling the complexity providing both analytical and practical advice completely backed up with the operations management support.

Supply Chain Strategy & Infrastructure Modelling 

Optimum Supply Chain Strategy: - For some operations the optimal infrastructure solution is relatively self evident, and easy to determine, for others arriving at the correct solution can be very challenging. This is particularly the case with operations involving international supply chains, where the trade off between transport and warehousing costs is finely balanced or the trade off between different manufacturing methods and logistics is not straightforward. To cope with the complexity of the problem many companies simplify the task, and resort to ‘averages of averages’, this can lead to important details being missed and an incorrect solution achieved.

We commence by configuring the desired strategy to address the evaluation & output required. Data is normally taken at order line level in order to capture daily and seasonal variations.

Once the model has been configured and populated with the necessary data it is a relatively straightforward task to run a series of iterations in order to evaluate and refine possible solutions. Costs and productivity standards can either be provided by the client or, if they are not available, we will use our own.

Such evaluations and work-outs include – * Determining the optimum size & location of warehouses
* Determining the optimum use of cross dock facilities
* Determining use of consolidation centers
* Determining optimum stock levels by product group
* Determining which products should be stored in which warehouse
* Understanding individual and customer profitability
* Evaluation of alternative customer service levels
* Evaluation of alternative ’what if scenarios’

We at Synergeze work with clients to implement the best strategy for their company. Cost effective supply chain operations start by determining the optimum infrastructure. If the number and size of warehouses or cross dock facilities is incorrect or they are in the wrong place the supply chain will not operate at maximum efficiency.

Process Improvement & Lean Management

Process improvement is fundamental to your company when implementing a new contract or bettering the performance of an existing operation. Introducing lean methods into your company will eliminate wasteful activity in your supply chain, improving the efficiency of your organisations operations and increasing customer satisfaction.

Introducing Lean Process Improvements Will –  
Increase productivity while improving quality Your goods or services will either match or exceed customer’s requirements
Eliminate non value added activities Wasteful activities take up time, resources and space but add no value to your product or service
Reduce ‘Lead Times’ Reducing the time it takes to complete a series of tasks within a process can help you dominate your market
Reduce total cost Decreasing your price and operating costs will keep you competitive and increase profits
Identifying Supply Chain Inefficiencies - 

Value Stream and Flow Process mapping will allow us to identify areas within your organisations operations that are inefficient. By following our improvement approach we will be able to find the following operational challenges in your supply chain:

* Over production
* Delays
* Unnecessary inventory
* Unnecessary transportation costs
* Over processing
* Unnecessary motion
* Defects / rework
* Under utilization of people

Obvious waste is easy to detect, hidden wastes may remain undetected and unchallenged for long periods of time. Duplication of effort, delays and over processing are all too easily hidden within process, information and material flow interfaces.

Lean Management Advantage - If your company competes with others to provide customers with consistent, reliable and value driven products and service, you need to continually improve your operation. Your customers expect quality products or services as a given and will not pay higher costs generated by ‘non value adding activity’. Our supply chain consultants can help you improve your businesses processes, reduce wasted effort and ensure common standards are met. Not only will customers experience an increase in satisfaction but operations in your warehouse will become noticeably safer.

Inventory Analysis & Demand Planning

Putting the correct inventory, in the correct amount, in the correct place and ship the correct products, to the correct location, at the correct time, in the correct quantities. Determining optimum inventory levels through the implementation of lean inventory analysis and planning into business processes will enable you to achieve your supply chain objective.

Supply Chain Efficiency –

Effective inventory analysis and demand planning is vital for keeping the amount of working capital invested in stock to a minimum. To operate a supply chain efficiently with reduced inventory all processes and systems must be aligned to the end goal: meeting your customer order on time and in full at the lowest cost.

Lean Inventory Management – 

To achieve this we advocate the disciplines of lean logistics in your organisation’s inventory management policy to ensure:

* Effective date gathering and value stream analysis
* Efficient communication and information sharing
* No deviation from standardized processes and controls
* Continual measurement of performance against target
* An operational problem resolution process

Within our infrastructure model the inventory module allows us to test alternative inventory policies against a range of future scenarios, identifying the impact on:
* Customer service * Warehouse space requirements
* Warehouse activity (particularly goods in and pick face replenishment)
* Transport movements
* Working capital
Benefits of Inventory Analysis & Planning:- 

As a result our supply chain consultants are able to provide inventory solutions tailored to your organisation’s infrastructure. Optimizing inventory is a continual process, if not undertaken properly opportunities to permanently reduce your stock levels will go unnoticed. Embracing a more efficient lean inventory analysis and planning process into your operations will allow you to benefit from:

* Improved customer satisfaction
* Improved brand image
* Improved cash flow
* Increased sales
* Decreased cycle time
* Improved profitability
* Competitive advantage
* Reduced warehouse footprint and associated costs
* Reduced provisions for obsolescence