Cost & Process Assessment

A cost model to clients wherein savings are guaranteed and our revenues are from the savings generated.

Analysis and evaluation of current cost structure for logistics spend (post entering in an NDA with the client) under following heads, and their benchmarking with industry best commercials.

Identification of best service partners fitting nature & complexity of business operations. Focus remains to ensure domain expert service partner for each stage of logistics.

Proposing the best domain expert for each logistics domains at commercials better than the current cost structure (thereby savings) and service level deliverables improved upon, thereby effecting a cost reduction as well as process efficiency improvement.

The shortlisted service partner is directly onboarded with the client in order to ensure continuity of operations and complete transparency in commercials.

This being a no cost model, Synergeze revenues are not charged till savings vis-a-vis current cost structure is presented. The first revenue (a minor consulting fee) is charged while presenting the business case.

Synergeze engagement remains throughout the contract term wherein against a revenue charge of % of actual saving generated, the service deliverables from the onboarded partners are better than or at least at par with the current operations.

Logistics Cost & Operations Assessment

We analyse your current end to end logistics operations and costs and provides you with specific domain related action items, aiming at reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of the entire supply chain, thereby enabling you to have a better managed logistics network and overall supply chain.

The areas we cover includes

We provide industry benchmark replace with benchmarked ways and methods to achieve them against each of the minute replace with individual elements of the logistics domain (for process & cost parameters).

Synergeze handholds the client logistics team to get these improvements implemented so that the optimisation can be realised.

Our Benefits

We offer an independent and objective view on overall operations and systems of logistics management. Also, we benchmark the current operations from a third-party perspective by doing a comprehensive diagnosis of processes and parameters. Our commercial and organisational independence from your operations assures that the results of the audit shall be fact based and aimed at overall improvement.

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