Business Development Advisories for MSME’s

Do you have a new or existing business idea for a product or service?

Are you in need of support in market validation, a new business model development and strategy formulation?

You have an existing business which is not growing, or stagnant or you are seeing de-growth quarter after quester and seriously wish to turn it around and need some expert guidance?

We have you covered. Our expertise in supporting more than 2 dozen MSME’s and helping them in their journey of turn around and with our experts sitting in the advisory board of many companies we can assure you of providing end-to-end solutions to your issues related to business development and growth enhancement.

We work in inclusive methodology to build a completely customized business plan and help you to execute it word by word ensuring that the deliverables mentioned in the plan are realized in the books and on the ground with same intensity. It is done in order to ensure that your originality is retained in terms of USP of your product, services and your work ethics and organisation and yet deliver the results which you are looking at by moulding the methodologies to approach the ever-changing market scenario with preparedness, awareness and robust strategy to mitigate all risks coming your way.

During the process the mentoring of the entrepreneur or head of business plays a critical role and the expertise available with us onboard ensures that it happens not only at business level but also at the level of individual capabilities which further ensures that sustainability is never a question once the desired traction is achieved.


You have our support on mentoring, mindset resetting towards growth, processes and methodologies revamped, setting up core values mission and vision along with the organisation culture, business strategy formulation from conceptualization to sales, implementation and execution, and most importantly brand and omni-channel presence assurance.

"We don’t suggest decisions – we help building the decision-making process."

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