People & Process

Processes attain a different level of complexity and should be looked at from various perspectives to ensure that we achieve the optimum for our kind of business. Same industry vertical, similar products and 2 companies may have different processes for themselves which are optimal for them. As it is something that though having the potential to be standardized must have the element of customization to ensure that it becomes a part of the DNA of operations

Processes need some element of customization even if they are addressing same output & are governed by same set of parameters. Though they are meant for organizations, ideally are driven by the people (us the humans) handling them.

It takes certain values, attributes, belief systems to drive us into our work and its different for all of us. So the way we look at the framework driving us is different. Then why is that processes are handled separately and such behavioural transformation handled separately in conventional organizations. So we should address them together.

Howshould an organization go about it?

Revisiting the organizational goal

The goal, approach towards the same, time frame is deciding factors, which get reflected in processes & organizational values.

Make it everybody’s business

Teams own the processes when connected with the goal. A conscious effort to build transparent systems & aligning values with goal clearly indicates the behavior that is expected. From business tagline to task-list, everything should have a reflection of goals & values.

Continuous Co-operation to Meaningful Monitoring

Every individual come from varied backgrounds along with own baggage. The values must guide right from hiring stage, ensuring that we attract the right talent, matching with our values. Once pick is accurate, taking people through even strict monitoring becomes smooth.

“Motivating each one accountable & helping them own the organizational goal and values would help filling the gap in process execution.However, this alone cannot be the only way to address it. Customization is the key & that is where Synergeze Consultants plays a vital role for our clientele to address everything from goals to cascading it down to the last person in the hierarchy.”


If even a single question mentioned-above, is bothering you

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