First-Time Import-Export Consulting

With more and more globalisation happening in the trade and business the need and easiness to export and import has been higher than ever. However, when it comes to the Imports and Exports, its not only about the identifying customer or vendor and moving the shipment. It is also about the compliances, bank transaction regularisation, awareness of terms and conditions of the shipments and also how to deal with overseas parties for selling or purchasing.

Synergeze through its onboard experts helps the clients with end-to-end consulting and execution of their journey towards being global. 

Our Services

Corporate Identity

Preparation of a corporate profile considering the targeted overseas market to enhance the revert rate from the prospective customer base.

EXIM Compliance Support

Compliance adherence for enablement of EXIM operations (IEC / AD Code / RCMC of EPCs support)

Client Acquisition

Guidance on various tools and ways to reach out to prospective clients, support in negotiations on all shipment terms, guidance on documentation handling with all stakeholders.

Shipment Execution

Door-to-Door shipment execution including all service providers involved with compliances adhered to at optimized cost and efficient service levels.

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