Development of skills is a part of growth and maturity as underlined by Psychology. Each individual acquires and develops certain skills right from birth, some with basic innate abilities and some learn as per the need with the growing age. However, in professional journey one needs to acquire certain skills as a need for our growth and as a contributory factor to the performance. There is also a need to keep sharpening them by using them often and by learning newer things and that is where the skill training comes in picture.

In today’s interdependent world, collaborative skills and efforts where a group of people complement each other result into a bigger success. Therefore, we need to develop skills that not just make us better as an individual but also as a team player and a leader. We conduct workshops that facilitate building these skills, in an energetic and encouraging environment. We believe that knowledge with the right attitude and implementation leads to insightful transformation. We focus on all these aspects that refine your philosophy in a powerful way.

EXIM Operations Trainings


Imports & Exports is all about compliances, timely decision making, awareness on the terms and terminologies in practice across the globe, ...

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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is imperative whether you are purchasing something for your organisation or you are negotiating with your ...

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Sales Skills

This training program covers all the major sales steps and sales tactics that a salesperson will need in the sales process...

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Financial Awareness Training for MSME's

Especially for MSME’s when it comes to understanding the policies, benefits and support available to them ....

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Behavioural change is the toughest process as individuals are often either unwilling or unequipped to address the same. However, for growth and evolution, change is inevitable. Insights and realizations gathered from appropriately directed, well-monitored and individual-centric processes focusing on bringing about the desired change in behaviour have been found to be offering the long-term and long-lasting results.

With this perspective, we conduct the tailor-made training workshops, which are weaved around the exact needs of the organizations matching them up with the needs of team members and ensuring the results in terms of positive impact on the performance levels as well as capability enhancement.

The training program is weaved around the need of enhancing the behavioural skills from the perspective of individual and organisation and hence by the end of the program participants gather practical tools and techniques with workable solutions which should be implemented by them on ongoing basis to meet & exceed expectations.

Self Awareness

Always connected with the outer world, we rarely peep inside us to find out who we are. This leads to all sorts of challenges in our life..

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Effective Communication

Is interpersonal communication about effective speaking or listening? It’s important to have the right mix of both...

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Art of Delegation

In any organization, delegation is one of the roles expected to be played by senior management or those in leadership roles..

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Managing Time

If we don’t manage ourselves with time, the time starts managing us. The time available with everyone..

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Conflict Management

Each one of us is unique with different thinking patterns, different schools of thoughts, different beliefs,...

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Self Grooming

Its all about how the world looks at us and it not only includes our clothing and how we look, but also about..

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